ALMAR™ Tigress Crop Hoodie


We are Clemson® Strong! Valiant. Bold. Brave. Courageous. Resilient. Humble. In Gratitude. Kind. Men and Women of Character and Faith. We are above all ~ FAMILY.   Clothing is ultimately the suit of Armour in which we bring our own guts and battle each day.  Show your pride with this Custom Designed and Patent Pending  ALMAR™ Tigress HTM™ Crop Top drawstring pullover hoodie with a soft jersey fabric sewn into the inside seam as a loose fitting cowl neck with a small strip of elastic sewn on the inside and at the back of the cowl to hold in place when pulled up and uniquely used as a cover up for facial protection. Each ALMAR™  has a Made In USA label sewn onto the edge at seam.

Let this deceivingly adorable hoodie be your reminder to Bring Your Own Guts™ like the Tigress you are inside!  Together, we can battle ANYTHING!


CODE- CLEM19_TigressHTM004

COMPANY- Private Label Exclusive. Made in USA.

MATERIALS- 50/50 Lightweight Blend with Drawstring. Soft jersey fabric for cowl and face protection.

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