ALMAR™ Paw Hoodie


We are Clemson® Strong! Valiant. Bold. Brave. Courageous. Resilient. Humble. In Gratitude. Kind. Men and Women of Character and Faith. We are above all ~ FAMILY.   Clothing is ultimately the suit of daily Armour in which we bring our own guts and battle each day.  Show your pride with this Custom Designed and Patent Pending ALMAR™ Paw comfortable hoodie with a soft jersey fabric sewn into the inside seam as a loose fitting tubular cowl with elastic sewn on the inside and at the back of the loose fitting tubular cowl to hold in place when uniquely used as a face-covering.  Each tubular loose fitting cowl has a Made In USA label sewn onto the edge at seam.

Let this ALMAR™ Paw Hoodie be your reminder to Bring Your Own Guts™ like the warrior you are inside!  Together, we can battle ANYTHING!

Empower Yourself. Be the Change. Wear ALMAR™.


COMPANY-  Private Label Exclusive. Patent Pending ALMAR™  Hoodie. Made in USA. Unisex pullover with tubular loose fitting cowl that duels as facial covering that has elastic strip sewn into the back inside tubular loose fitting cowl to hold in place when used as a facial covering.

MATERIALS- 50/50  Lightweight Blend Pullover with Drawstring.  Soft jersey fabric for tubular loose fitting cowl and face covering.

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